30 August 2009


This was my least favorite kind of week. Two trips to Kalispell. Kalispell is about 75 miles from my place and the nearest place to do any shopping or get things done that can't be done in Eureka. This time of year it's too hot to take Koty and that makes it even less pleasant.

The first trip was to get Clementine serviced. I was told it would take about two hours so I set off on foot to get a little lunch and explore. The Stillwater runs right through this part of town.


I thought I might get myself a hamburger at Burger King which, unfortunately, I did. My favorite fast food hamburgers are at In and Out and Carl's neither of which are to be found in Kalispell. You won't find an In and Out in the whole state I don't think. Anyway, I got a hamburger and fries and it was just awful. The french fry oil was rancid and the meat, well Koty would probably not have eaten it. I'd avoid this place if you are ever in Kalispell looking for a burger.

On my way back across the Stillwater I looked down the embankment and saw this sign that said "Junkyard Art" so I decided to investigate. What I found was Wayne Hill and Sparky's Designs. Wayne takes what others would call junk and turns it into lawn art. He's done some pretty creative things. Wayne gave me permission to take snaps of some of his creations.




The titles I made up. Wayne no doubt has his own more creative monikers. Flathead readers may run into Wayne and his creations at local fairs and farmers markets. Seems like a great way to recycle. I am forever fascinated by the human drive to create.

The second trip to Kalispel was a real quickie, in and out with no burger! I had to go for an eye exam. My mother had glaucoma and they say it's hereditary. They also say there are no symptoms a person can notice on their own. Detected in time there is no problemo. As a photographer protecting my eyesight is job one!


We did, of course, find time for some hikes for exercise if nothing else. We made a couple of trips up the mountain. For those who may not know, the 49th parallel is the line of demarcation between the U.S. and Canada.


On the way up we stopped in at an old mine shaft. Early last spring we stopped by this same shaft and had an interesting experience. I am not a real fan of going into dark tunnels but Koty has no such fears. I walked up to the mouth of the cave and let him go in to the length of his retractable leash. No sooner did he disappear into the dark than I heard a growl emanate from the tunnel. Koty immediately tried to drag me in with him. NO WAY! I hauled him out and beat a hasty retreat.

There was still snow on the ground at that time and no discernible tracks at the mouth of the tunnel so I really don't know what it was. But, my guess is it was a bear. For some reason Koty was not so anxious to go in this time. :)


I find the border a fascinating site. In the above photo you can see it's quite an aerobic exercise to climb up the mountain to this spot. However, there is a switchback trail that makes it a little easier. It takes us just about two hours to get here, from the house, without stopping.

And, of course, no outing is complete without trying to catch Koty in it.


©Kinsey Barnard

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Marilyn said...

LOVED the picture of your boots with the US/Canadian border in the background.