08 November 2009

Graves Creek - Snow Canyon, UT

Not a lot going on this week. Just finishing picking up wood and getting it under shelter. Had one bit of excitement. The drain pipe out at the big pond got stuffed up with aspen leaves.

Koty and I were out patrolling, as we usually do in the fall. As I neared Walden Pond I noticed I was walking in water. That wasn't supposed to be. When I got to the pond I could see the drain pipe was clogged. I thought it had somehow gotten clogged at the intake but further investigation revealed it was at the outtake. When I pulled the plug, about two feet of compact leaves, it opened up the flood gates. I had water coming out a six inch pipe for over an hour full bore. There was water everywhere!

We did take a hike up Graves Creek aka Ten Lakes Scenic Area. The only fall color we are getting this year is from the larch. But, there color isn't normal either. They are much more orange than usual.

Ten Lakes Scenic Area

It turned out to be a very pleasant fall day and although there wasn't much too photograph it was a great walk in the fall sun.

At this time last year we were traveling down I-15 on our way to the desert. There was much fall color on the road.

Cottonwood Along I-15

Our first stop was at St. George where we spent time at Snow Canyon and Zion National Park.

Snow Canyon

I couldn't get over how St. George has grown. It's spread out all over the place. Last time I was through, probably 35 years earlier it was barely a wide spot in the highway. Now it looks like retirement central.

Snow Canyon

©Kinsey Barnard

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