14 May 2011

I Support Ron Paul For President

I just sent this e-mail to everyone I know and respect. And, I would like any readers who's address I don't have to read it also because I think it is very important.  If you don't know Ron Paul I urge you to get acquainted with what he stands for.

"Ron Paul is officially running for president in 2012. I believe he is the only hope for we the people have to take back our country from the money grubbers and power elite. I believe Ron Paul is a man of great integrity, one who has not been seduced by the Beltway to abandon his principals.

I have never in my life actively supported a presidential candidate but I believe we are about to meet our Waterloo if we don't change the direction in which this country is headed. I can no longer sit idly by. If you love this country and believe in our right to freedom, which is the envy of the world, you will join me in supporting Ron Paul.

Don't fall victim to the fatuous rhetoric that a vote for Paul will be wasted. That is exactly what the entrenched politicians want you to believe. We the people have the power to reclaim our country if we will rise up together and take it back.

I've just done something else I've never done before. This morning I made a generous donation to Ron Paul's election campaign. I hope you will to. If you are not familiar with Ron Paul and what he stands for please take the time to educate yourself. I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I have.

Here is the link to his campaign site where you can learn more and make donations. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/

Boys and girls, this is OUR country. Don't you think it's time we take it back?"


Fritz V said...

I've just made a donation and using some of the thoughts and comments in your above comments, sent an email to most of my "friends" on my email list.
Thanks for your comments and efforts.

Kinsey Barnard said...


Thanks. That really makes my day and proves we can all make a difference if we will just make the effort.