06 April 2014

I was made in Montana But Let's Not get Carried Away.

Help! I'm stuck with a looney tune!

You'll never believe what Kinsey said she was going to do to me!

Yesterday she and I went to the dump in the pickup. There's no garbage service where we live, you have to take your own junk to the dump. I especially like going in the pickup because I get to sit in the front, in the co-pilot's seat, and watch the world go by.

As regular readers know, Kinsey is pretty much daffy about all things Montana. She REALLY loves this state. She says the smartest thing she ever did was moving here twelve years ago. She even went so far as to name me MOLLY MONTANA because, as she says, I was "born and bred in Montana". Don't know why she says born and bred. Shouldn't it be bred and born? With her you just never know where she gets these things.

So, there we were driving down to the valley, me at attention, Kinsey pointing out, deer, turkeys and cattle along the way. She also likes to make up little ditties she sings to me like "Little Missy Molly. Oh my goodness golly!" I mean, really? She was singing one of her ditties when she turns to me and says. "I know what we should do! We should hang a  sign on you!

Here in Montana there is a state marketing outfit run by the Montana Department of Commerce which promotes products made in Montana. They are very protective of their logo so you need to click the link above to see it.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to paste it on here and I ain't taking any chances of being thrown in the hooscow. It's a nice enough looking logo but Kinsey, isn't a member (not sure a photographer qualifies) so she couldn't use that. Heaven only knows what kind of a sign she'd come up with.

So, please, pray for me that this is just one of her quickly passing fancies. I don't want to have to run around like a St. Bernard with a sign hanging around my neck! Alright, already I am proud I was made in Montana but there are limits!

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©Kinsey Barnard

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