21 July 2014

Pinkham Creek Picnic-Kinsey Tangles with a Wasp Nest

Today Kinsey and I had a little picnic at Pinkham Creek. Kinsey some times likes to pick up a Subway sandwich and go to some peaceful place after running errands in the village. Pinkham Creek is one of those places. The weather has cooled off a little so it was quite pleasant. I could jump in the creek to cool off if I got too hot. I hear Kinsey complaining about the Subway sandwiches lately. She used to think they were pretty good. She thinks they're watering down the dressings. She complains a lot these days about prices going up and quality going down. Me, I'm just a happy camper.

Getting cool in Pinkham Creek
When we got back this afternoon Kinsey needed to clean the drain pipe at our pond. The pond is about 3/4 of an acre and the drain pipe is about 15 feet from shore so she has to paddle a kayak out there to get the job done. I swam a couple of strokes over at Pinkham Creek but I'm none to fussy about this swimming thing yet. I just watched Kinsey paddle around from the shore.

A funny thing did happen. After cleaning out the drain pipe Kinsey cruised along the shore picking up dead cattails floating on the water.  All of a sudden I see her flailing around swinging the paddle about and generally acting like a madwoman. Turns out she practically stuck her hand into a wasp nest that was embedded in the bank. Those wasps came flying out after her and she really got her knickers in a twist. Nearly, turned that kayak right over. Luckily she didn't get stung. She's kind of allergic to insect bites. One summer a bull hornet bit her and her hand swelled up like nothing I have ever seen. We had to make a quick trip to the Urgent Care place for that one.

After Kinsey was done fooling around in the kayak she played a little "frisbee" with me. It's not really a Frisbee but it's like one and I love to play with those flying disk things.

Yee Haaa 

Gads I'm good looking
All in all a pretty darned nice day.

Ciao For Now
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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