03 October 2014

Highballing Our Way to Yellowstone

Last time I shared Kinsey's manic preparations for our trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons (see Gearing Up to Travel). To begin our journey we got up at the crack of dawn, in fact dawn hadn't even cracked yet. All that was left to load into Clementine was the food. Shadow was already shadowing.

Clementine & Shadow

We hit the road at 7:00 am sharp. The trip to West Yellowstone from Whitefish is about 7 hours. Kinsey doesn't like to drive after dark.  She was taking no chances. So, away we go in the just barely light.

When Kinsey gets on the road it's like the train engineer says, we are highballing! I mean she stops for nothing but gas and a potty break. We had lunch in the our rig at the big truck stop at Butte on I-90. Very stylish. We were back on the road again in thirty minutes. Laid back is not a description they would use for her when she's in moving mode.

We rolled into the Grizzly RV Park in West Yellowstone around 3:30pm. Kinsey had stayed at the Grizzly before and thought it was nice. Two things had changed, the prices and internet access had been chopped back to two hours every eight. The pull through rate was $65 per night. Kinsey thinks RV parks are getting as expensive as motels. But, it still beats eating in a restaurant all the time. And, it makes traveling with your pets a whole lot nicer. I like it!

Kinsey didn't care for the site that had been assigned to us, it was right at the entrance where all the traffic passed by so they assigned us a back in site in the back. The site was nice in that it backed up to the forest but what we hadn't been told, the internet didn't reach back there! We went from two hours to no hours. Guess the clerk thought "You want away from the entrance? I'll give you away from the entrance". Kinsey didn't feel the clerks were as friendly as before. Maybe it was just the end of a tough season.

It was nice having the forest right there and once Kinsey got everything unhooked and hooked up we took a late afternoon stroll out in it. Kinsey made me go in this teepee thing we found. I felt like I was in the dog house. I don't know why I must endure these whims of hers. Oh, wait, yes I do. I get to take these great trips! Small price to pay!

In the dog house?

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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