06 January 2015

Big Winter in Montana

Wowie zowie! We surely have had the snow!  12 - 15 inches over the past 36 hours. It's so deep I practically sink out of sight. Right under the eaves it's a little less deep so that's where I have staked my claim to the outdoors. I feel like a soldier wandering around in my trench.

Kinsey came out to play with me. The first thing she did was throw the frisbee on the roof. Fortunately, she was able to knock it down with a broom handle. There's already a perfectly good one up there from last week. We won't be getting that one until spring.

Anyway, Kinsey took some photos of our play and I thought you might like to see. I've never in all of my two years experienced anything like this. It's fun but it tires even me out trying to run in it.

Hard work loping in the deep snow
Usually I'm pretty good launching but this snow keeps me close to the ground
Doing my best to race

Giving the old frisbee a good shake.

Lurching out of the snow

So there you have it. Big winter going on in Northwest Montana and I'm loving it!

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

 ©Kinsey Barnard

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