04 September 2015

Fires, Heat & Bears

Well this summer has been one for the record books. So hot, so smokey and so very dry. We've been looking at everything through a smokey haze.

But, we haven't had it as bad as some. Friends of ours have had breathing problems from the smoke and we've not had anything nearly that bad. Our area has been under Stage  2 fire restrictions. Basically that means you can't do anything involving combustible engines in the forest between the hours of 1:00pm and 1:00 am. So, we've been working until 1:00 and then hiding in the house from the heat for the rest of the day. It's been in the 90's or higher all of August. The restrictions weren't any inconvenience to us as you know who is only good for about 4 hours of hard labor anyway. The crummy part was staying in for the rest of the day.

Finally, some cooler weather and rains have arrived and what a relief. Also the bears have come to our meadow to steal apples. Last night we spotted an absolutely huge black bear sitting under an apple tree. It was too dark to take a photo but we did get one on another night of this cute little guy. He looks like a person caught with his hand in the apple jar.

Small black bear about half the size of the one we saw last night.

It is really a privilege to get to see these beautiful creatures every evening, even if they do raise Cain with the apple trees. The bears climb up in them and their weight just breaks all the branches down. We tried shaking the apples off so they wouldn't have to climb the trees. Didn't work though. Those silly bears would step over an apple on the ground and climb a tree just to get one little apple way on the top. Kinsey doesn't mind. Watching them is just too precious.

I have really made myself poopular (intentional spelling). I started running down to the orchard in the morning and rolling in the bear poop. Man, you should see the size of those poop piles. A poop rollers dream! Now Kinsey has to go down to the meadow and pick up the poop before she lets me loose. BUMMER!!!

Ciao for now,
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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