05 January 2009


Dow 8952 -82 ----- Gold 858 -17 ----- Oil 49 flat

Saturday we did KP and other house cleaning activities. Sunday it rained most all of the day so I worked in Lightroom. And I published a post at Simply Photos. It's a series of photos taken at Agua Caliente Park, one of the few places you can find water around here.

I also finished reading another novel. This one was kind of fun. It was called Utopia by Lincoln Child. It's about sabotage and and ultra high tech theme park in the Nevada desert. I wish there was such a place. I would love to go there.

There certainly wasn't much to cheer about with the real start of the new year. It kind of depressed me actually. I did find this video that is a humorous look back at 2008. Not that it's really funny but what is one to do? You either gotta laugh or you gotta cry.

Went out to Saguaro West this afternoon and hiked the two-way road you hit on the Bajada Loop. It was a pretty nice afternoon and may have gotten a couple of keepers for the Koty Bear site. I never really know until I process them.

Getting close to pulling up stakes time. Leave for Apache Junction Saturday morning. I've never stayed two months in an RV park before. When you stay that long you seem to make a lot of new friends that you are kind of sorry to leave. So far it has been my experience that people who RV are by in large a very nice bunch. There are the few jerks but those are in every pot and easy to ignore because there are so many nice ones.

Koty at Saguaro National Park West

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