06 January 2009


Dow 9,015 +62 ----- Gold $864.50 +5.20 ----- Oil $48.44 -.55

Richard Russel Dow Theory Letters went bullish yesterday.

The following was taken from Jim Sinclair's Mine Set. I think it warrants some thought.


I wanted to pass this story on to you, Dan and Monty.

I grew up on a ranch. The largest structure on our ranch was a very large and beautiful classic designed barn.

One night when I was very young the barn caught on fire.

My Dad and his hired men risked running into the barn to rescue the horses. Naturally the horses were panicked and terrified. After getting the horses outside to safety the horses turned around and ran back into the barn. Despite their best efforts they could not stop the horses from running back into the barn and they all perished in the fire.

Why would the horses do such a foolish thing?

My Father told me that the barn was where they felt safe and secure. He explained to me that in their blind panic they ignored the obvious danger and they ran back into the only place they had been conditioned to feel safe in.

Sound familiar?

CIGA Dean"

Headed out to the Kitt Peak National Observatory. What an interesting place and what fabulous views. The road up to the observatories, there are 26, is a stunner. Took a tour and saw their solar telescope. This day they were not doing solar work with it but measuring sodium on Mercury.

I was interested to learn that our tour guide feels the same way about global warming as I. Just not enough information to make any type of conclusion. Al Gore just a hypster.

After the Kitt Peak we went to San Pedro on the Tohono O'odham Reservation. Sadly, the village was typical reservation poverty but the setting was quite beautiful and perhaps that's what really counts. Actually, the observatory is on Tohono O'odham land. And, there is a great view of west side of the sacred mountain Boboquivari.

A friend sent me this slideshow. Every time I'm feeling low I'm going to come back to this post and link, crank up the volume and have all my cares just melt away. We have so much to be grateful for. This planet is such a wonder!

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