26 March 2009


Boy! The last four months have not been uplifting for the likes of Koty and I. We were never meant to stay in one location for two months at a time. We got a little discumbibulated. We won't ever do that again!

We are on the road again and boy does it feel wonderful! At the moment we are in Blanding, Utah having just come from Monument Valley. All I can say about Monument Vally is WOW! If you have not seen it, it is a must see.

As I get myself organized here I will back track where we've ha e been since leaving Apache Junction and try and get some photos up as well.

We've probably lost all our readers but maybe they will find us again.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Thanks to your e-mail - I am so glad! Koty looks so handsome... and that second image is gorgeous!! Like a painting....

Aree said...

so beautiful.