13 September 2009


This week I worked on putting together my 2010 calendars. I have four planned and I managed to get three put together. The fourth I hope to get done next week and it will be on the pacific coast. The the photo are some of my favorites of the subject. The calendars sell for $24.89 each and are top quality.

LAKOTA SUNRISE aka KOTY BEAR .... (Click on Link)

MARVELOUS MONTANA .... (Click on Link)


This week was my car trouble week. I hope I got that over with. First the ABS light came on in the Explorer and then Shadow got a nail in one of her shoes. I drove too far on it and ended up having to buy two new tires. Drat!

Whilst waiting for repairs Koty and I took a walk along the Tobacco River which runs nearly through town. I understand at one time it did. I couldn't resist this clever prop of a fishing pole with a fish on the line. I couldn't get the pole in. I think it's for the upcoming Salmon Fest.


It is quite apparent Fall is on its way. The last of the flowers are on their way out.


For our outting this week I was going to go see what photo ops we might find at Frank Lake but I got waylaid by a sign that said Rock Lake. I hadn't ever been to Rock Lake so I decided to give it a whirl. Turns out there are three lakes up this particular road. Long, Rock and Timber.

The first lake we checked out was Rock. It apparently got its name because it has a few rocks in it.


A few lucky folks have places on this lake. I reckon they are only summer places as you'd have a devil of a time getting in here in the winter. Sadly, people had music blaring and it kind of took the bloom off my lily.

On the public side of the lake it is pretty heavily forested and difficult to get a good view. In my never ending quest to get a nice image I decided to take off down a slope through a tangled mass of blow down. Koty was leading the way as usual on his leash attached to my belt. The forest was so thick it was pretty dark and I had my dark glasses on. I couldn't take them off or I really wouldn't be able to see. Normally, I wear Transitions but that's another story.

It wasn't long before I lost my balance and went crashing. I always seem to put my hands out to break my falls, which are frequent. I call them my bone density tests. If I had brittle bones I surely would have broken something by now. Anyway, this time, I fell on something that punctured the palm of my hand. I don't know what it was cause I I pulled the thing out so fast and tossed it I never got a good look at it. What I did see was my stuffing popping out of the hole. Not pretty. Below is the image I got for my trouble.


A little further down the trail we found Timber Lake. This lake was named for the old timber standing in and around it. Folks around here were very original when they named these lakes.


The lake was fairly low but I'll bet it's pretty in the spring. We'll have to come back and see next spring. You can't see it in the photo below but there was a whitetail doe and her fawn scampering around behind this rock up near the timber line. I was so very beautiful to watch.


I noted a few of these bird boxes at two of the lakes. I don't know what they are for. The boxes are large as are the entry holes. I was thinking maybe owls but I don't really know.


We never did make it to Frank Lake. It was smack dab in the middle of the day by the time we finished with the others. Soon it won't matter because the angle of the sun will be coming from so far south any time of day is interesting. We'll have to save Frank for another trek.

We did get more beautiful sunsets this week.



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