19 September 2009

Nikon D200 - Kikomun Provincial Park B.C.

The best thing that happened this week was I finally got my D200 back. I had sent it to El Segundo for cleaning the first week of July. Turn around time on this sort of thing is usually about three weeks. It took ten. Murphy was hard at work and everything that could go wrong did.

I shoot both the Nikon D200 and the D300. As the number would suggest the D300 is newer and faster in every respect and has more bells and whistles. But, I love my D200 best. I don't know why but my landscapes with this camera are always a cut above. I've felt adrift without it.

I also got my 2101 WILD & WONDERFUL WAVES calendar finished. Looks pretty darned good if I do say so myself! :)


I could hardly wait to get out in the field and give her a spin. Luckily, I never have to go far to find beauty around here. This aspen stand is just down the road from my place.


One of my favorite things to photograph are reflections so I headed on up to Kikomun Provincial Park in British Columbia. Kikomun in a favorite and is only twenty-five miles from home. Kikomun has several lakes and is situated on the Kootenai River or the head of Koocanusa Lake. I'm not sure which. Need to look that up on a map. The above is entirely reflection.


We were able to get to Hidden and Surveyor lakes before getting rained out. Actually the cloudy weather makes for very nice reflections.


There are hiking trails around both these lakes that make for getting around and getting better shots.


There is a very cute bridge that spans a little neck in Surveyor Lake. I always lkie to photograph it and it always turns out different. Here's an image I got on another fall occasion. I really enjoy looking at how different images are from one time to another. SURVEYOR BRIDGE


I don't know if you can see them but the surface of the water in the above is covered with rain. This was the last photo I got before heading for shelter. The rain was coming down pretty hard.


Before heading for the barn we went over to the river. While we were sitting there I could hear the call of a loon. There is nothing so lovely as the call of the loon in my book. It was all I could do to keep from weeping with gratitude as realized, this is my life!


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Michelle (artscapes) said...

Gorgeous pictures - I love the first one....
And the calendar... WOW!!!!!!!!