13 December 2009

Snow Dog On the Run

I must write about my week in reverse. It's been snowing for two days now and although it has been a light snow it has started to accumulate. Koty, my Siberian Husky, loves running in the snow. So, this morning I could not resist doing a little photo shoot of him enjoying himself. I'm worse than a proud parent but what can I say? :)

Lakota Sunrise

Lakota Sunrise

Lakota Surise

Winter is well and truly here that's for sure. I remember the first Christmas after I moved here, in 2002, there was not a flake of snow on the ground and I was afraid I would get a white Christmas in my new home. It snowed that night. But, this year there can be no doubt we'll be having a white one.

Earlier in the week when we went for our weekly Post Office run I chased this juvenile red-tailed hawk in the car from post to post. Never was able to get a good shot but here he is anyway.

Red-Tailed Hawk

AS is our way in winter we just stuck around the ranch and hiked in the woods. There is enough beautiful nature right hear so as not to have to ever leave for the want beauty.

Out the Kitchen Window

It did warm up some from that cold spell that blew through. My coldest temperature was a minus eight but a pal of mine down in the valley scored a twenty below. That be real cold. Cold does create some beautiful images though. Like this photo of ice crystals that formed on the pond. They look like flowers to me.

Ice Crystals

I spent some time working in the woods. The burning season has ended but one can still build a warming fire and that what I do in order to keep on with my cleaning up. It's just so beautiful being out in the woods. The photo below is a scene I pondered whilst I worked. The clouds here in Montana are some of the most beautiful in the on the planet.

The Meadow

What more fitting end to a blog post than a sunset. The sunsets at my altitude are just too good to be true all year round.


Well, that about does it for this week at Dancing Deer Ranch in magical Montana.

©Kinsey Barnard


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I have rarely been so moved looking at photographs.

These are beautiful as are the sentiments/captions that go with them.

Thank you