21 February 2010

Canadian Border and Spring Is In The Air!

As usual we did a lot of walking in the woods this week much of it along the Galton Range which looks down on the Tobacco Valley. It was gorgeous. If you've not seen the Canadian Border anywhere but at a manned crossing you might find the image below kind of interesting. The snow makes it possible to see the thin white line that is the border, nothing more than the equivalent of a fire break. The break in the line is Lake Koocanosa which is still iced over.

Canadian Border

The mountain range in the distance is called the Percells which run right up into British Columbia. I believe the tallest of the peaks is Mt. Henry. There is a forest fire lookout up there. I must get up there one of these days. In any event the view was mighty nice.

Percell Mountains

We have had very little snow this week and very mild temperatures. Even all my forest friends have taken notice. Birds are sing songing and the squirrels are out and about. I saw a real cutie posed beautifully on an old stump by the time I got a bead on him this is what I got ...


The sun has been shining quite a bit and it really transforms the world. If the Tobacco Valley has any short coming I suppose for me it would be that the winters are dark and dreary. So, when the sun does make an appearance it's like manna from heaven. I love the patterns in nature and tree bark is a favorite subject. In the image below the sun is really showing off this Ponderosa.

Ponderosa Bark

And, of course, there was Koty hanging out doing what he does best .... looking beautiful.

Lakota Sunrise

Speaking of Koty; he had some of his pals stop by to play. The deer are really funny. They know Koty is on a tether and just how close they can come to him without risking an altercation. Koty pretends to be indifferent hoping to lure them within range.

Koty & Friend

It won't be long now until we can get out and about. I'm beginning to get that yearning for spring. What usually happens is we get this great weather in February and get all excited that winter is done. Then wham we get hit with one more serious winter patch.

The View

"The View" is what I see out my livingroom window. Man am I one lucky girl?!

Well that was our week. It was another great one but we are starting to get a little spring fever!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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You are a lucky girl...! :-)