28 February 2010

Moonset and The Internet

I spent a good deal of my time this week working on my new store at Imagekind. I’m quite impressed with the quality of the site and pleased with the sales it has generated. The site offers print only or custom framed and there are a gazilliion frame and mat options. You can have a lot of fun playing with them. I have a many more images to upload so there will be new photos as time allows.

I’ve also been working on a marketing campaign for my limited editions as well as working on updating the site. All this to say; I spent most of my week working on Internet stuff and it’s really hard work for one who doesn’t sit well.

Whilst I was consumed with Internet stuff I ran across this article Information Super Sewer. and it made an impression on me. It talks about the pros and cons of the Internet and I believe the author makes some really good points. I know I have a love hate relationship with the darned thing. Give it a read I think you will find it provocative.

Of course, this meant Koty did not get his full measure of energy release and I’ve been paying dearly for that. He hoots and howls non-stop in an effort to show his displeasure. He takes every toy (and he has accumulated quite a few over ten years) out of the toy box and tosses them all over the house. When that doesn’t get my attention he heads for the trash and picks out something he can shred. That does get my attention as I have to chase him all over the place to get it back. I try not to let on but it's hard not to laugh. I really admire his creativity.

My Angel

As always the mule deer were here to keep me company. They are such sweet and gentle creatures. When they arrive in the fall they are wilder than March hares but before winter is over they are as tame as can be. Some of them I get to know so well I am compelled to give them names. This is my girl Daisy.


The snow is melting PDF (that stands for Pretty Damned Fast not Portable Format Document). And, the temps have been in the high 40's. The ten day forecast is for 50 degree days. So, if winter is returning it doesn't look like it will be next week.

As usual, Mother Nature reminds me I needn't go far to experience her wonders. In fact I don't even have to leave the house. Below are a couple of images of a recent moonset that came our way this week. Proving once again there is only one true Artist. The rest of us are merely posers.

Moonset Over Montana

The wonder of it all. It's so very humbling.

The View

Check out the "Skyscapes" gallery.

One last item. This must surely be a sign of the times Is Nothing Sacred? Banks are now foreclosing on Kentucky Derby hopefuls.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography