17 January 2012


Over the years I have added more and more organic foods to my diet. Like many people my initial reluctance was the price. Today I don't care as much about the price as I do about the ingredients. I believe our food supply is tainted and I have absolutely no confidence in corporate ethics. In fact I do believe many corporations would and are selling poison for profit.

But, I digress. This article is about a new honey I recently discovered at the health food store. I love honey, especially with peanut butter. I'm still a fan of Skippy's extra chunky. Can't help it. Love it.

The honey that I discovered is called White Gold Honey imported from Canada. It is a raw, untreated honey.

As they say here in Montana, it is a little spendy but oh la la is it good. It's honey nirvana as far as I'm concerned. I've been eating the stuff right out of the jar. It seems almost sacrilegious to taint it with anything else.

I read just this morning of a man in Arizona who is over 100 and still going strong. One of his secrets is organic honey. Personally, I would rather dose myself with dreamy, creamy honey than pharmaceutical poison. But, each to his own.

I'm usually behind the curve wandering around out here in the wilderness. So, maybe everyone already knows about White Gold. But, if you don't and are a lover of honey you need to give White Gold a try. I strongly recommend that you do. If you Google "White Gold Honey" you can shop the best prices online.

I took this image on my dining room table without the benefit of lighting. Didn't turn out too bad. I bet it's a lot of fun being a product photographer. The thing about nature photography, not much is in your control.

©Kinsey Barnard

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