09 March 2012


I have been a fan of Lowepro camera and gadget bags for many years. I reckon I have over half dozen different ones. I've just bot a new one that I really like and thought I'd mention here.

I nearly always carry a point and shoot with me for various reasons. The main reason being I'm always seeing things I want to photograph, even if it's just for fun. I also use it for setting things up when I'm being serious.

One problem I have had is the case that comes with these little cameras. They are way too bulky for my taste. I have been stuffing mine in any empty pocket without protection. The net result of that practice is that I get dirt in and behind the lens and the camera has to be replaced more frequently than it should. The other thing is these bulky dudes take forever to get the camera out of and ready to shoot.

I recently lost another camera to abuse and had to purchased yet another new one. I thought this time I'd try and make it last a little longer. So I wandered into Best Buy to check out what they had that would suit my purpose.

What I found was the Lowepro D-Wrap. It is was exactly what I was looking for. The case just wraps around your camera, barely increasing the bulk. When you want to use it you just you just release the Velcro hasp and it flips right open in seconds. You need to be sure you've first slipped the wrist strap on or you might flip it right on the ground. The ends are open and some may see this as a drawback. I do not.

If you are in the market for a low profile, point and shoot camera case I recommend you check out the Lowepro D-Wrap. I got mine at Best Buy for 14.95 but you can get it at Amazon for under $10.

Below is a photo of my favorite Lowepro Dry Zone. It's a waterproof backpack. It's spendy to be sure but worth every nickel if protecting expensive gear is required. Especially here in the Rockies where the weather can change on you in a Minestota minute.

Lowepro Dry Zone

Have a great day!

©Kinsey Barnard

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