29 February 2012


Yesterday, it was sunny and I got a bit of the wanderlust. I decided to take Koty, my Siberian Husky and I to Fernie, British Columbia. One of the truly wonderful things about where I live in Montana is that I can be in Fernie in about 45 minutes.

I figured Fernie might have benefited by the recent storms that past by here. Boy, have they! I got maybe a foot. Fernie got over four! Can I say winter wonderland?

Fernie reminds me a lot of a Swiss Alpine village. It sits virtually in the middle of the Rockies. Every direction you look the mountain views are just amazing. I especially like the village/town because the people are so friendly. Practically, everyone gives you a nod or a hello. I also like to drop into the art stores and speak to the artists. I always love to see what other artists are up to.

This trip I had an especially nice visit with Stephanie Rogers, the proprietor at Stephanie's Glass Art. Stephanie does absolutely amazing stained glass. I got some great ideas for my kitchen renovation that I hope I'm going to get done this summer. If you're in Fernie drop in. You'll be glad you did. Here is her website STEPHANIE'S GLASS AND ART STUDIO

The other great thing about Fernie, especially for skiers, is the ski area. I'm told it's world class and at 2:00 pm on this day you could step on any lift without waiting. I don't ski anymore but that would be my idea of some kind of heaven.

Below are a few photos I snapped on the day.

Three Sisters
Rockies & The Elk River what little is under ice and snow

Kootenay Rockies

Legendary Fernie

Greeters Sydney and Caleb

Just to give an idea how much snow is laying about

Looks like a Christmas card
Snow so deep these hoses could just walk right over the fence.
I guess it isn't necessary to say but we had a great time in Fernie. We always do.

©Kinsey Barnard

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