16 July 2012


Last Monday I wrote an article, "WHAT'S UP WITH INDIANA?" . What prompted me was an article I read stating that the government (read you and me) have paid for $14 billion in bogus unemployment benefits. The article also revealed that Indiana was the worst offender having paind out more in bogus payments than righteous.

I have also had my own experience with Indiana in that the kitchen cabinets Home Depot pushed on me come from a company called Innermost located in Indiana. Innermost is owned by a company called Elkay Manufacturing in Oak Brook, IL.

My experience thus far with Innermost has been a nightmare. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. 70% of the cabinets had to be replaced due to manufacturing flaws. Cabinets have been shipped upside down. The crown molding had to be replaced. The 1/4 round base board molding had to be replaced. A few booboos are to be expected but this company it has serious manufacturing problems, quality control issues and heaven only knows what else.

This morning I came across an article about GARY INDIANA and the decline in to which this city has fallen. You really need to click on the link, scroll through the photos and watch the video near the bottom to experience the level of blight. I'm not sure where the Innermost factory is located but if Gary is any indication of what's going on with Indiana it's really ugly.

If this country is out of the recession, as we are incessantly told, I wonder how the folks in Gary feel about that? My personal opinion is that we never got out of the recession. We've just been limping along waiting for the other shoe to drop which may be any time now. Once it does I'm betting things will get worse than they were in 2008.

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