15 October 2013


I turned 11 months on the 12th. Pretty close to being a year old. Much to Kinsey's chagrin I'm not getting puppyhood behind me very fast. She keeps telling me that Koty was pretty much out of the mischief stage by now whilst I'm still in there pretty solid.

I have not experienced a Fall in Montana or anywhere else for that matter.  By gosh, by golly it is beautiful. Here at the ranch we have aspen, cottonwood, tamarack, birch and mountain maple interspersed with the evergreen trees. It's starting to get real pretty now. In fact last night we got a good hard frost and you can see the colors appear to have burst out over night. Very cool! (No pun intended)

I'm told soon it will be hunting seasons and the mountain will be alive with the sound of gun fire. Not sure how I am going to react to that. The other day we went out and put up the no hunting signs in hopes of keeping the hunters off our property. We don't have any problem with hunters per se but they are not all respectful of other people's property and we don't want to get our heads shot off whilst we're working out there. Well, whilst Kinsey is working. I mostly play.

Kinsey is still sawing and chopping and says she soon will be burning. Yesterday she had to go to the chiropractor to get her back fixed so she could keep on at it. The woman is obsessed I tell you. Maybe I can get her to stop long enough to take some photos of me in the pretty Fall forest.

I did something today that I think scored me a whole bunch of points. Kinsey was cutting the limbs off a downed tree with the chainsaw. I guess she was tired because she was straddling the tree trunk and scooting forward on her butt. I jumped up on the log, walked up behind her and lay my head on her shoulder. Kinsey says; life is all about moments.

©Kinsey Barnard

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