21 December 2013


Merry Christmas everyone! This is my first Christmas with Kinsey. Last Christmas I was too little to know what was going on.

We've been down in the "big city", aka Kalispell , population barely 20k beautiful souls. It was a real nail biter when we left. The road off the mountain had turned to sheer ice and we slid down the hill and into a ditch. Imagine if you will, me in my crate looking through the rear window of the Expedition at a world that is almost spinning. And, me,  always looking at where I've been instead of where I'm going. Kinsey up front saying,  "Hang on Molly! Hang on!". Not comforting. Not comforting at all. But, we made it.

And so, we spent a few days down in the Flathead doing a little Christmas shopping. Kinsey was doing the shopping, I rather feel my existence is gift enough. :) We went to Petco and I'm pretty sure I'm getting some stuff. Golly, I love to go in that store. Everyone treats me like a star and the things my nose picks up? It's nirvana!

The trip back home was another nail biter. It was snowing and the road was just ice. But, we made it and I'm glad to be home where I can run with reckless abandon through the forest. That is all the gift a girl like me really needs.

So, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone can be as happy as me.

Kinsey has already posted her on line card.


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