30 December 2013

Costco's Off The Hook

One of Kinsey's followers over at "kinseyfineart" on Twitter suggested that she send a copy of the blog post "Costco Stole Christmas" to Costco Corporate and so she did. Within less than twenty four hours she got a reply advising that the information had been forwarded to Costco Kalispell. The next morning she received a call from the Costco store. From what I could hear they had a very cordial conversation and Kinsey got her money back, or she will the next time she gets down to Kalispell. So, the rib-eye may have been sub par but the Costco Customer Service was aces.

In the course of the conversation Kinsey also mentioned that she no longer bought the Costco ground beef because it didn't taste worth a damn (her language not mine). She got no argument on that subject. Kinsey doesn't care for any ground beef that's less that 85-15. Anything less and you might as well not eat it unless you have a hankering for tasteless sawdust. Costco's is 88-12.

What Kinsey found out, that was new to her, is that the way they get the fat content down is to use bull meat. No wonder the stuff tastes so awful.  It's really a riot if the bulls are older. People pay more to eat an inferior product. The bull meat may even be cheaper than steer meat but the vendors can charge more because the fat content is less. That three percent won't mean much to an individual diet, unless of course you eat a couple hundred pounds a day, but think how much that amounts to in the millions of pound sold everyday? What a racket.

Kinsey doesn't know the specifications of the bull meat Costco uses. There are many factors, age is a big one, to be considered but bull meat is generally full of testosterone which she wants no part of. And, bottom line, it just doesn't taste good. She's skipping it.

Me? I'm like Mikey. I'll eat anything! :)

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