04 January 2014

Best Wishes to those stuck in the storms Mid-West East Coast

Seems like the Arctic Express is headed our way. We'll be dropping down into the single digits tonight but nothing like the Mid West and East Coast are getting. CNN says they will be getting temperatures not seen in 20 years. We got just three inches of snow over night and that appears to be about it for this storm.

Me, I love this stuff, but I feel sorry for people and pets who have nowhere to go to get warm. Kinsey and I both count our blessings. Right now she is cooking her breakfast on the wood stove. It's not that she has to, it's that she likes too. We'll never get cold because Kinsey works like a demon in the good weather months to get us plenty of firewood. It's always warm and toasty in our little house.

Not a very special way to start the new year for a lot of folks but maybe it's better to get the crummy stuff out of the way at the beginning of the year.

Anyway, this post is just to let you know Kinsey and I are thinking about you and wishing you well! Stay safe and stay warm. the best way to do that is stay home. :)

Practicing my ice skating

Collecting wood in the summer

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 ©Kinsey Barnard


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Greetings from Yorkshire, England. It does seem that the north eastern states are having a hell of a time just now as the Arctic weather rushes down. I guess that in Montana your are better prepared to face bitter winters. Yours is an intriguing blog. I just came across it by clicking on "Next Blog" on the top bar. I will be back again soon.

Kinsey Barnard said...

Yorkshire Pudding:

Yes, we expect such weather here in Montana. So far this year ice has been the bother, as opposed to snow. In the teens here this morning.

Thanks for dropping by and look forward to seeing you again.

PS: In another life, I worked for Lloyds Plc. and studied international finance at Manchester.