01 December 2014

25% Off Sale On Entire Open Stock Fine Art Photo Colections

I apologize for not getting my Bridger-Teton story published. As the cry goes "It isn't my fault!" Kinsey has been on one of her tangents and I depend on her for my photos. She got the bright idea that she should should make public a collection of her photographs that didn't make the grade for her limited edition collection but are pretty darned nice. She's doing it as much for herself because it's a good way to get the images properly stored and catalog for the ages.

The problem is; when she gets one of these ideas she goes obsessive and it's not a project that will get done in a very big hurry because there are an thousands upon thousands of images to sort through, upload and catalog. So far she's gotten over 500 up and running. She's got 16 different galleries so you can easily look at what interests you. I just noticed she hasn't got one yet with seascapes. I'll have to get on her about that.

Since everyone else in the cosmos is having a sale Kinsey thought she would too. All of the images are for sales in various paper print sizes and on canvas plus you can get note cards, playing cards, puzzles and mouse pads. Maybe gift ideas? You can see all the different galleries in the collection by clicking the highlight.

EVERYTHING IS 25% OFF! Use this coupon code at checkout HOLIDAY$$  Sale ends 12-15-14.

That butterfly in the right hand corner is an example and here's another.

I had to make a deal with Kinsey; if I posted this she would get me my photos today so I can write my next story. I apologize for the interruption to our regularly scheduled content but I will be back today or tomorrow with another great yarn!

Ciao for now!
Hijacked Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard

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