03 January 2008


Hope you all had a great holiday season. We are still in Eureka, California. We were supposed to be headed out by now. But just as we got ready to go, along came a lot more storms. You know how mom loves to drive the RV in the wind and rain! So, we will wait a few more days before departing. Hoping for better weather.

I thought I might catch you up on some of the stuff we've been up to since I last wrote. One day we took a ride north up 101. The idea was to go to Gold Bluffs and Fern Canyon. We had heard that Fern Canyon was very beautiful. This was where I got my first taste of the California welcome mat for dogs. NOT! Turns out California doesn't let dogs in any of their state parks. Since everything around here is either a National Park (which don't allow dogs either) or State Park we soon found out I wasn't welcome anywhere.

Lotsa driving for not much this day but we did see a bunch of elk. I always like that cuz it gets my juices flowing. :)

And, on the way back we stopped at some wood carving places in a little town called Orick. They had some pretty good stuff. I almost got in trouble though cuz I almost lifted my leg on Sasquatch. Whew! that one was a close call!

We stopped at a few more places but didn't see anything interesting. We had been told by the parks' person dogs could go on the beaches. Naturally, the beach we tried was closed to dogs because of some endangered species type bird. Good grief. What's a fellow like me supposed to do?

© Kinsey Barnard

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