23 January 2010

Every Image Has a Story - Slow Down You Move Too Fast

This week we only got out to take our constitutional three or four mile hike. If we don't hike everyday, especially in winter we would blow up like a couple of balloons. In any event there wasn't much photographing going on.

For the past couple of weeks I have been immersed in a new project and when I get into something I am as a woman possessed. I have started a new blog. That's just what I need a new blog but there you have it. The title of the new blog is Every Image Has a Story.

When I decided to have an Internet presence for my limited edition photography Kinsey Barnard's Fine Art of Photography I was planning on writing the story for each photograph. Well, I have fallen down on the job badly and the majority still are without their story. It's so very easy to procrastinate.

But, one thing I have never been able to avoid is commitment. If I make one I am honor bound to honor it. I am obsessive about it. So, I think I have come up with a way to trick myself into writing down all the stories. By starting a blog I have a natural feeling of commitment to put something in there.

Then I got to thinking it could actually be something very nice for people and that was even a more motivating thought. These are very stressful times to be certain. We are skimming through life at such a prodigious rate we are not giving ourselves permission to savor life. There seems to be a collective obsession to dart from one thing to next as quickly as possible.

Nowhere is this more true than with viewing images. It's just boom, boom, boom and on to the next thing. Believe me am as guilty as anyone. But, my photographs are not meant to be glanced at they are works of art that should be looked at in order to get the maximum enjoyment.

I have a theory. That will come as no shock to people who know me. I have a "theory" for just about everything. Anyway, theory is this; A few moments contemplating beautiful image, especially something in nature, can lower your blood pressure a point or two and increase your sense of well-being. And, when that image is accompanied by a short story it becomes even more of a momentary escape.

It struck me that I could motivate myself to get those stories written and provide something very pleasant for people to experience at the same time. So stop in for a visit Every Image Has A Story . It doesn't cost anything but I think you will find it has real value. If you agree sign up for my private e-mail notification.

Whist I was writing this the lyrics to an old Simon & Garfunkel song kept playing in my head. It's from their song called "59th Street Bridge Song". The lyrics go like this "Slow down you move too fast. You gotta make the morning last." So, I say, slow down, take a deep breath and savor the good things in life. The other stuff will wait.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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