31 January 2010

Montana Forests Are In Distress

This week I divided my time between working on my spring marketing campaign and culling some of my diseased trees.

All over Montana the forests are dying out. My property is not escaping the carnage. There are as many theories as to why the forests are dying as there are forests and I suppose there is a little bit of truth in most of them. I believe they are dying because of man's sticking his nose into it. First they clear cut then they no cut. Both practices equally unenlightened.

I try very hard to keep on top of the diseased trees and get them culled as soon as I can. But, it's awfully tough to stay ahead of the game.

Dead Spruce

Above is what one of the dead standing spruce look like. Not a thing of beauty that's for sure. And I think you can imagine what a virtual torch it would become in a fire.

Beetle Damage

You can see in the above photo that the beetles had really demolished the core of this tree. But, bugs aren't the only thing killing the trees. There's a lichen that is taking hold and killing fir, larch, spruce and everything in its path.

No Beetles Here But, this tree was deader than a doornail.

Here's a ponderosa that bit the dust from bugs. I thought it was actually kind of an attractive still life of sorts.


I never get lonely when I'm out working in the woods. The mule deer always come to keep me company. For them that deadly lichen is a delicacy and a falling trees is like a dinner bell to them. I want to get these trees all limbed up so that I can burn the slash as soon as burn season returns. I like to get my slash burned up whilst the ground is still wet. Only two things frighten me in the forest, fire and ice.

Mule Deer

As you can see I did not spend much time with the camera this week. I really love working in the woods even in winter. I really hate working on marketing plans. It's nice to have the balance of being able to do office work and then go out and do physical work. It really helps keep me balanced. I'm one lucky puppy to be able to do all my work surrounded by nothing but beauty.

Winter Scene

Well, that's it for this week.