10 June 2011

Tobbaco River Goes Bank to Bank and Then Some

Thursday I had to go down to town to pick up the mail and run a few errands. Since we were already in the neighborhood I decided to walk the Rexford Trail along the Tobacco River. Holy smokes! That old river is really raging. It's the highest that I have ever seen it run.

Usually the old car across the way isn't even near the water. This year it could get swept away.

Tobacco River
The thing that was so impressive was the speed at which the water was traveling, just awesome power to behold.
The water is over the bank here. Those boulders are very recently arrived and it looks like a good thing too!

Naturally, Koty has to get in the water to see how things are flowing.
Some clever person placed a heart made from railroad spikes in the trail.
Lots of signs of spring along the trail like these pink dogwood blooms.
Beautiful new life was budding out all over.

A bald eagle watches over the Tobacco River as well as it's nest which no doubt has new life in it too. There is nothing so regal as the eagle. 
Dang me! Dang me! They ought to take a rope and hang me! My Space is just too beautiful!

©Kinsey Barnard

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