19 June 2011

Very Fawny!

The past twenty four hours have been filled with live theater here at Dancing Deer Ranch.

Last night a fawn tried to get to know buck. It was really hysterical. The first thing that happened was the fawn tried to find a teat on the buck and you can imagine the reaction that got. The buck, just now in velvet, did not have a clue what to make of this tiny, fractious fawn. The doe was nearby and wasn't in the least concerned. It was quite a show and last nearly a half hour in duration. So entertaining I didn't get my camera out until it was almost over.

The grass is so tall you can barely make out the fawn but they are nose to nose.
This morning another doe with twin fawns came to call and the little ones put on quite a show. It's been so cold and rainy I always worry about the babies coming into such and unwelcoming world. But, these little guys seemed to revel in the cool morning as they explored and raced around with reckless abandon.

©Kinsey Barnard

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