28 April 2012


Spring is in the air! We are experiencing typical Rocky Mountain weather, one day cold and rainy, the next warm and wonderful.

All creatures great and small are in the mood for love. Well, I doubt love has anything to do with it but they are ready to procreate.

I found these two procreators on the outside of my kitchen window this morning. I feel a little guilty photographing them in this intimate moment but that's what you get when you do it on a photographers window! :)

Notice the delicate design created by there spindly, intertwined legs. Designs and patterns in nature are my catnip!

I'm afraid I don't know what variety of insect these are.

Insect Sex

©Kinsey Barnard

1 comment:

Rilly said...

They look like what we in the PNW call "skeeter eaters", or Australian Crane Flies or as a kid what I called "water skippers". Interesting photo regardless.