19 April 2012


Yesterday Koty and I were filled with the urge to travel so we decided to go to Cranbrook. We hadn't been over that way in quite some time. I knew we were a little early but I just had it in my head to go.

Our first stop was at Lake Elizabeth which is just west of town. There is a visitor center at the lake which, unfortunately, was closed as were the restrooms. I was really hoping to use that restroom. The weather was cold and blustery and I lacked proper concentration. We walked the pathways for not too long a time. There were a few Canadian Honkers nesting, some mallards paddling and a ton of coots bobbing on the rough water.  A little further into spring this is a lovely place to wander and bird watch.

From Lake Elizabeth we crossed over BC 3 and drove up to Jim Smith Lake. This small lake was still in a frozen state. Jim Smith is a nice little paddle your canoe and have a picnic kind of place. But, again, a little later in the year.

I used to come to Cranbrook to shop but not so much anymore since the CAD has strengthened so much against the dollar. We just kind of drove through.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite local park, Kikomun. It was closed as are all of the Provincial parks around here until around May 15th. But, you can walk in. I thought we would be the only ones there but apparently there was some kind of canoe class or something going on as I was very surprised to see Surveyor Lake with more canoes on it than I had ever seen before.

Spring is in the air and there are subtle signs everywhere but it will be awhile yet before it really gets into to full form.

Lake Elizabeth

Female mallard paddling along

Out spout at Jim Smith Lake

Jim Smith Lake

Canoers at Surveyor Lake

Osprey coming in for a landing

As always we are never disappointed with our little sorties into B.C.

©Kinsey Barnard


Kiersten said...

Looks like a beautiful place even if spring hasnt fully arrived yet. What an exposed spot the Osprey has for a nest.

Walker said...

The ospreys nest is on top of a pole specifically designed for the purpose. Ospreys love to build their nests on utility poles which can lead to trouble for both so the utilities in this region have gotten proactive by providing them with alternative perches.