06 August 2014

Naked Girl

Gee whiz, if my dog grooming nightmare wasn't enough of an insult now Kinsey is calling me "Naked Girl". I mean seriously how would you like it if someone yelled at you "Hey, naked girl!"?

Do I look naked?

I thought I had heard the last of my many names back in September but nope. You may recall she has called me Buddha Baby because I can sit quietly for long periods of time. Or, Ling Ling because when I'm racing around through the woods I look like a panda bear. Or, Pond Scum Puppy because I smell like pond scum after I've been swimming in the ponds.

But, oh no. She's still at it. Before the dog grooming nightmare Kinsey was calling me Stinky Butt. She even went so far as to make an appointment with the vet to check my bottom glands.  But, she cancelled that when she found out gland check was included in the grooming. I did not have a gland problem. The stinky was caused by stuff getting hung up in all the thick hair I have back there. Believe it or not last winter when it was well below zero my poopies would freeze to my hair before they could fall to the ground. Kinsey had to cut them out.

But, this latest one Naked Girl. It's just too much!

Look at me! I'm cute!
Will someone please try and talk some sense into her before I go crackers?!

Needing your help, I am
Molly Montana

©Kinsey Barnard


Rilly said...

Hey Molly....I like your look either way but it must feel much better in all this heat. <3

Kinsey Barnard said...

Hey Rilly! Long time no hear from. Hope all goes well with you.

I'm glad you like my new do and you are so right about being more comfortable in the summer. We've been in the 90's for, it seems like, weeks! This haircut may turn out to be a regular thing.

Laurie Miller said...

Dear Molly aka Naked Girl,
I'm sure your mother, demented though she may seem, has your best interests at heart. You're a country girl and you will do what all good country girls do: roll in the mud, splash in stinky ponds and generally carry on in a very unladylike fashion. Relish your freedom and indulge in all manner of "naughtiness" secure in the knowledge that Mom will continue to love you, play with you and, with any luck, get into some country mischief with you!
Hugs and wags,
Another country girl who is beset with feral cats

Kinsey Barnard said...

Dear Laurie Miller:

Boy, are you right! My mother is demented!

I understand what you are saying and I will do as you suggest. But, you must understand I have to give my mother a hard time to keep her young.

About those feral cats. I could come over and give them a real run for their money. :)