21 August 2014

Walk Along the Tobacco River

Yesterday Kinsey and I took a walk along the Tobacco River, from the village of Eureka, MT to Pigeon Bridge.

It's really amazing how much wildlife you can run into on this trail. Kinsey has run across moose, black bears, elk, deer, and all kinds of water fowl including osprey and bald eagles. She says this is her favorite photo taken on this trail. Canada Goose & Gosling

We didn't see anything as exciting as a bear or moose. Course, squirrels excite me. We did see a golden eagle, a mallard family, osprey and some elk.

Osprey perched high in a tree top

I'm gonna have to get over this squirrel thing. This female elk was right in on our path and I didn't even notice her. When our presence finally spooked her two big bulls came bounding out of the brush and ran after her. Kinsey was only carrying her little Panasonic point and shoot so there wasn't any chance of photographing them. It was pretty to see though.

Female Elk
I don't know why taking photos of stuff just lying there doing nothing fascinates Kinsey but for some reason it does. I mean seriously what's up with this picture? She gets final editing say so .....

I'm shilling for Kinsey's blog. Check it out.

Well that's it from here!

Ciao for now!
Molly Montana

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