12 February 2008

Morro Bay Harbor, Cats, Kayaks & Elephant Seals

This morning we headed over to Morro Bay Harbor to check things out. It was a beautiful, sunny morning. And wouldn't you know it, mom finds a friend in one of my arch enemies, smack dab off the bat. Cats! You gotta wanna chase 'em!

Mom got this really cool picture of a duck swimming, in what looks like paint. But, it's really not. It's the reflection of a bunch of kayaks. Cool huh?

A little farther along we found this really funny window display for a shop called "Shark's Grin". It is so neat the creativity one finds in these coastal villages. I wonder if it's something in the ocean air? :)

After strolling the harbor we headed up the coast. Our first stop was Moonstone Beach. There is a really nice walk above the bluffs and, praise be, dogs can be on it! Mom took pictures. I tried to catch squirrels. There are a million of them living under the boardwalk!

Next we headed back up to the place where you can look at those sea slugs. Oh, I mean elephant seals. I'll let you in on a little secret. Skip the place where buses and the throngs of people go. Just past there is another "viewing" spot that people seem to miss. It has a great path along the bluffs and the seals are in a much more interesting setting. There is also a nice view of Piedras Blancas lighthouse.

On the way home we stopped for a walk at a place called Washburn Park.

Another great day for me! Hope it was good for you!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography


Aisha said...

Beautiful! Oh I love the colors on the reflection of kayaks!

SkyNymph said...

Namaste' Kinsey and Beloved dear Koty bear, you know your a handsome devil **err angel** don't you ;0) Loved the post, due to my work, though I am lucky to live where I do, it limits travel, through your stories and journeys you allow me to see further than my own sunrise and set. Wonderful colors here I'm an avid kayaker so of course that pulled me in too. That photo with the duck is SPECTACULAR. *grin* WOW


Walker said...

I can't believe I never responded to these comments. What a doofus!