19 February 2008

Sea Gulls, Sea Otters & Sunken Treasure

Mom gave her talk at Cal Poly. I think it went ok but I can't say for sure as I was stuck in the car in the garage. But, she seemed pretty chipper when she came back.

We ended up back at Morro Bay harbor for the afternoon. Mom really likes this harbor and so do I. There is so much going on and the smells are a doggy's delight! It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

First we checked out the sea otters. They seem to hang out over by Morro Rock. I must admit they are fun to watch. We watched a mother and baby for some time. The baby was riding on the mother's tummy and every once in a while it would fall off into the water and squeal like crazy. I thought otters liked the water. This baby certainly didn't. I don't blame it. I don't like it either!

After watching the otter we headed back to the embarcadero. There is always so much activity there along with great aromas. Mom seems to always find things she wants to photograph. While we were down on a private dock we ran into this guy who was about to set sail for El Salvador. It seems he had been to a garage sale and picked up this treasure book, for two dollars, and in it he found the way to a sunken galleon off the coast of El Salvador. According to him there is like a gazillion bazillion dollars worth of gold bullion on it. We wished him a lot of luck. Really, we did. :)

We kept wandering around the docks until the sunset. It was a pretty nice one. Mom got more abstract photos of the boats in the water. As usual it was another great day!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography

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