07 February 2008


We have left the Monterey Peninsula and are now in Morro Bay. The drive down the Coast Highway was awesome. I don't think mom enjoyed it as much as I did cuz she was doing the driving and that road is kind of hairy.

The weather here is the best yet. Warm and toasty! We spent the morning over at the harbor and Morro Rock. It's a very pretty harbor.

In the afternoon we headed up the coast to the elephant seal viewing place. Those guys give a new meaning to the word ugly. And, they are about as interesting to watch as paint drying! They look like 1,500 lb slugs on the beach. Apparently, they can be pretty quick for short distances!

Mom ran into a game warden that she had quite a conversation with. Mom can be a blabber but sometimes she learns stuff too! ;) Anyway, the warden told her that one time he had caught a family putting their baby on the back of one of these big beasts. Now, I've often held that humans can be pretty stupid but that one really takes the cake!

After the elephant seals we picked a spot to watch the sunset. It was a pretty nice one!

©Kinsey Barnard Photography


admin said...

I can remember watching a mother and father film their son feeding a black bear a cracker with peanut butter on it........ya gotta wonder if people have brains sometimes. Nice photos

kotybear said...

What really gripes my tail, if you'll pardon the pun, is that we can't find any place that I can hike. Dogs aren't allowed anywhere in the parks in this area. Why? Because people don't obey the leash laws. Makes me miss Montana I can tell you for sure.