02 August 2010

Kootenai National Forest - Montana

Yesterday Koty and I took a good long hike up the Blacktail Trail. The wild flowers this year are the best I have ever seen here. It must be the cool weather and lots of moisture.

Bluebell and Lichen


Indian Paintbrush


My hat fell of whilst I was taking the blue bell picture and I though it actually made for an interesting picture. Hey, it's my blog, I get to choose what's interesting. ;)

Up at the 49th paralell things were quite beautiful as always. The Tobacco Valley is a looker.

Montana/British Columbia Border

It's so steep at this particular location one can simpky dangle their legs over the side.

Sitting On the Border
Koty was sporting his new collar he got this week. He thinks it's a fruity for a man but I like it! :)

Koty Checking Out the Border

This last photo is my is my photo of the week. It is one of my natural designs. The model is a dead and fallen cottonwood tree.



Dave said...

I love the diversity of those photos. Even the hat trick! You should have made me guess--I'm not at all sure I'd have got it right.

Heather said...

The wild flowers are very beautiful, BUT that last pic of the cottonwood is AMAZING!

I found the border pic interesting, a visiable line for as far as the eye can see. That is pretty neat.

Koty looks great in his new collar.