22 August 2010

Railcar Graffiti

Koty had to go in to town for bloodwork on Friday. He's having a growth removed from his gum and his teeth cleaned. Afterwards we went over to the Kootenai Trail and walked along the Tobacco River. The trail begins in the trainyard.

What follows are a few of the box cars we found on the siding with graffiti painted on them. Some fairly creative stuff.

As always I marvel at the creative urge that seems to abound in human nature.

©Kinsey Barnard Photography


David said...

Koty Bear will be fine. We had a similar case with Daisy last year. Apparently it's fairly common.

Finally you picked a topic that isn't on my favorite list. The photos are fine, but I'm in the camp that thinks graffiti artists should be required to remove their work with a toothbrush.

Walker said...

Just to be clear, I'm no fan of graffiti either. I was just recording what I saw.