25 October 2010

Abstract Art in River Boulders

As I wander the vast western outdoors I have discovered whole worlds existing in places I once never thought to look. In nature there are literally layers of life, whole galaxies existing right under our noses if we just but look.

I have an on going love affair with water. I always seem to find interesting things to photograph when I am in the proximity of water. I suppose this is because water draws all living things in their quest for survival.

What I have discovered scrambling over boulders in rivers and creeks is that the boulders themselves have worlds etched in their skins. Centuries of water from above and below have chiseled fine designs that can only be seen by a magnified look.

Below are a few images I have taken of the surfaces of boulders. I think they are quite beautiful in an abstract kind of way.

Nature plies Her artistry just about anywhere we care to cast our gaze. It's just that sometimes we don't realize what we are seeing until it is captured by a camera. More examples can be seen at DESIGNS AND PATTERNS IN NATURE

Observing nature holds never ending fascination for this viewer.


Brian Carey said...

Who would have thought rocks could look so colorful! Thanks for the artistic and educational post!

Kinsey Barnard said...

Thanks Brian. You have some lovely photography on your website.