16 March 2011

Japanese Crisis Continues-Markets Fall

Today the Japanese crisis continued with more explosions at their nuclear plants. The Japanese market basically crashed, down nearly 11% to 8,605 overnight. This morning US futures were under stress and governors were put into place to stem the slide. About the only things not getting hit were solar companies and bonds. Oh, and Netflix.

Meanwhile, the middle east has been hot but attention to the Japanese situation has over shadowed those developments to a great degree.

I'm glad I have things like a Morro Bay Sunset to enjoy whilst the world seems to become unhinged.

Amazingly enough the Dow closed down only 138 points. I sometimes wonder if people haven't been dumbed/numbed down by all the apocalypse movies and reality programs. Are they looking at the devastation in Japan and just seeing a movie? Perhaps not. Maybe it's only market participants who are unphased by the events in Japan. Apparently, potassium iodine is flying off the shelves in the US because people are worried about radiation reaching the states.


intrinsic said...

takes a brave man to be on the other side of this trade

Kinsey Barnard said...

It takes a brave anyone. I'm a woman and I'm chicken. :)