31 March 2011

A Mystery in the Forest - Mule Deer Dinner Bell - Radiation in Chicago

Yesterday, I was able to get out in the forest with the chainsaw and do a little work. What a joy that was. Turning out to be a one day wonder as it is raining this morning. The extended forecast is still calling for rain and snow. Maybe by summer we'll get some spring.

An interesting thing happened whilst I was working. I found an artifact and I can't say for certain what it is. At first sight it just looked like a pile of rocks but upon closer inspection it is apparent the rocks have been placed. My first thought was a fire ring but the rocks are about a foot away from the base of an old larch so that's not likely. Next I thought a burial site but again the larch. It's partially covered in snow still so I'll have to wait until the snow is completely gone and ponder on it's origin and purpose later.

I cut down a bunch of mountain maple. Mountain maple is a nuisance and grows like a weed here. It's not a maple tree but kind of a long legged clump. At the moment they are still without leaves but new shoots are starting to appear. When I first started working here I figured that the sound of the a chainsaw would send the wildlife running. Not so. For the deer it's like a dinner bell and they come running. Whilst I'm working they lurk just beyond me and when I quit for the day they move in. Yesterday about twenty mule deer moved in to feast on the tender shoots. Now that's the kind of synergy that lights my candle.

This morning I see Buffett's protege  Sokol has resigned over the revelation that he purchased millions of dollars worth of shares of Lubrizol prior to recommending Buffett buy it which he did. Buffett comes out with the statement that Sokol did nothing illegal. He may not have done anything illegal but it sure as hell was immoral. And, if Sokol were a forthright person he would have disclosed that little fact up front at the time of recommending the company. The fact that he did not is a testament to his own opinion as to how right it was. And this guy was tapped to succeed Buffett? Good grief are there no honest business people left?

It was in the news this morning that Chicago has detected small amounts of radiation. Well, I guess some has flown over this cuckoos nest! I'm not particularly concerned about it as the amounts are said to be miniscule. What's more concerning are the implications. Nuclear plant accidents have far reaching effects. When it comes to nuclear we are truly a global village. What happens in one country can effect the globe when it comes to nuclear.  Nuclear plants are not completely safe and never can be because they are built on an unstable foundations. The earth's crust is not stable. It's moving about all the time and I don't believe there is, or ever will be, engineering that can effectively guard against it. It's fool hardy hubris to beleive thate we can. I am so not for nuclear energy.

I read this morning that the US debt, including off balance sheet debt,  is actaully $75 trillion. If true, and I believe it is, we are so screwed. Their is no concieveable way out of the mess the government and the Federal Reserve has gotten us into. Forget about Fukushima. We are going to be having a meltdown of our own before this is all over.

My personal philosophy is "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best". I find it's a very practical way to look at life. Those of you who want to hide behind rose colored glasses, well, lots of luck with that.


Heather said...

That is pretty cool how the cycle of life works. You cut it down and they eat, cool.

Pile of rocks..I just recently learned that folks way back when used to build piles of rocks to mark their trail.

I was pretty shocked to learn that there are over 120 nuclear power plants here in the U.S.

If only I could wear really thick rose colored glasses! LOL!

Kinsey Barnard said...

I don't think that's what this is. I'm more inclined to think it is an Indian artifact.