13 March 2011

The Week of March 7th, 2011 Japan Quake

This was one of those weeks when the weather was everything from rain to snow, cold to warm, sunny to cloudy, a real box of chocolates. I was so uninspired by the thought I never even made it into to town to pick up the mail.

Two memorable things happened this week. The biggest was an 8.9 earthquake in Japan, the strongest earthquake in their recorded history. The devastation from the quake and the ensuing tsunami is just incredible. Makes me wonder if the Mayans were on to something. On top of everything some nuclear reactors have been damaged and the world waits to see how that unfolds.

The second thing was relative to the markets. Bill Gross' Pimco is pulling out of all US debt. As far as I know no one but me thinks much about it but I think it will prove to be a watershed event.

Below are some pictures I took of my world.

This is a piece of bark that had fallen into the fresh snow. The snow was so light that the piece sank about three quarters of an inch into the snow. I thought it looked like a gingerbread man or some kind of man.

Just messing around in the house because it was raining.

I was sitting in the recliner looking at the sunset when I noticed this silhouette of a crow perched in the top of a fir tree. This is lazy man's photography

Came across this red leaf that was uncovered by the melting snow. It's hard to tell but the leaf is sitting on the snow.

The view from the kitchen window whilst I washed dishes on Friday. I love the angles and contrast.

One of the house herd nesting. The mulies seem to like to be close to the house. I took this out the kitchen window too.

I took this one Saturday. It was a beautiful day. I love the big sky.

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