23 March 2011

Nuclear Waste Problems, Real Estate Still Sick ......

Nuclear Waste Problems of Our Own. If I've got things right it's those spent rods that are giving the Japanese such a problem. If you read this article you'll see the US is loaded with them and there is cause for great concern.

Here's the corker from the article but you should read the whole thing. "Users pay as taxpayers, too -- for dry storage. Utilities that have run out of storage space in pools successfully sued the federal government for breach of contract, because it failed to keep to the 1998 deadline to establish long-term storage. By law, the money for dry casks cannot come from the nuclear waste fund, and must come from the federal budget." You ever heard the expression "You can't draw blood out of a turnip?" Well, the Federal government is the turnip and it's bankrupt. Just watch how that turnip tries to draw blood out of we taxpayer turnips.

I think the whole idea of nuclear energy is insane. Even birds know better than to poop in their own nest. Humans obviously are not as smart as birds. Next time someone calls you a bird brain be sure and say thank you! Solar is the obvious choice. I honestly don't believe that if all the money that was thrown at nuclear had been thrown at solar they would not have been able to come up with a economically viable plan to use it. I think the problem lies in the fact that the best way to collect it is individually as in all of us having solar panels on our roofs. But, that's no good cause then the gov and the utilities haven't any control over it and can't charge you through the nose for it. Money, money, money makes the world go around.

Speaking of meltdowns Portugal is about to collapse. I think we are headed for a global economic meltdown and the small country meltdowns we have seen are merely harbingers of things to come on a global scale.

Real Estate still not showing many signs of life. I don't think we have seen the bottom of real estate prices. I subscribe to a service that sends me notices on bank owned property coming on the market in the Flathead. The list keeps growing and the price reductions keep coming. I'd like to buy a pied-a-terre down there, it gets tiresome driving back and forth, but I'm going to keep my powder dry.

If you want to contact me I suggest you do it through my photography site. MSN keeps sending me e-mails that they are going to close my kotybear e-mail account if I don't send them my personal information which I'm not going to do and I can't change my contact information because Blogger says it doesn't support my browser which is Firefox and they do support but want me to down load again. I know some people have trouble with the comments thing and I'm sorry about that but it's out of my control.

Speaking of photography, I'll leave you with this image of clouds that I saw a few days ago. I love clouds and they are free!

Clouds, butterflies and the beneficial rays of the sun are free!

©Kinsey Barnard

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