01 May 2013


Yesterday we went for a hike on the Swisher Trail. This is a great trail where I can roam around whilst Kinsey slogs along the trail.

This blog is supposed to be a journal of my journey helped along by photographs of my beautiful self. But, after yesterday's performance I'm wondering about my photographer. She completely forgot to make setting adjustments and took a kajillion photos of me racing around set at 1/125. You can probably imagine what those pictures looked like. Me as a black blur. The ISO was set too high and she had trouble getting me in the frame. I may need a new photographer if she doesn't snap out of it.

Except for the photos it was a great run for me. I got my first opportunity to meet strangers, off lead, coming form the opposite direction. At first I took off to greet them but the other human's two dogs came charging at me and I ran back to the safety of Kinsey.  When the strangers got to us I jumped around and played with the dogs but as they passed by I let them go and stayed with Kinsey. She may be a lousy photographer but she is a great protector. I'm stickin' with her.

We did a lot of whistle and hand signal long range recalls and I came running every time. I'm happy to oblige because it seems to make Kinsey very happy and I get scrumptious treats for it too!

©Kinsey Barnard

See what I mean? This could have been a really nice photo if the shutter speed had been right and she hadn't cut off my head!

Looking down on the trail

Don't you think I'm starting to look grown up? Not six months yet.



Samuel Savard said...

Haha! Don't be too hard on your photographer, I'm sure she'll do a better job next time! The pictures of you look great! ... and you DO look like a grown up now, but it's probably the fur!

Walker said...

Thanks Samuel! Kinsey's problem is she's been photographing things that don't move since forever. Me, I'm faster than a rocket. She needs A LOT of practice at action photography.

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