01 May 2013


This is my first dog toy review.

Lately, I have been especially mischievous. Really getting into everything. The other night I found the electrical cord for the recliner and, even though it had been unplugged and carefully tucked away under the chair, I managed to find it and chew it in two.  Kinsey is tearing her hair out trying to keep track of me and keep me out of trouble but I am a stealthy little gal. I think the doggie devil must make me do these things. I can't seem to help myself.

In order to try and occupy my active little mind Kinsey bot this puzzle toy called a Star Spinner. The way the toy works is you put treats in these little compartments. I was supposed to figure out how to get them. The thing came with instructions with very serious talk about training, learning new commands and Kinsey eventually being able to impress her friends with what a genius I am.

I watched Kinsey load the thing with treats. Then we took it outside. As soon as she set it down I sniffed it and in less than a minute I had all the treats. I think they must have lowered the bar on what a genius is. Either that or I'm right up there with Einstein. At the risk of sounding precocious this toy would bore a pet rock.

Needless to say the Star Spinner has been returned to Petco. I like that store cuz I get to go in which is exciting for a country kid. Kinsey likes it because they cheerfully take back return items. I hope Kinsey keeps trying because I really love brain teasers.

©Kinsey Barnard

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