24 May 2013


What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was snowing and raining and just pure yucky. Today the sun is shining, the air crisp and clear.

Kinsey and I took off early. We went somewhere I've never been before, which isn't really very hard to do. The trail is not far from our home. We saw lots of deer and elk poop but no bear sign. I was stuck on the leash but didn't mind too much. Kinsey says she doesn't want to risk me running off with my stitches still in and I'm still supposed to be on limited frolic but I think that's silly. I'm fine.

It was a wonderful morning with Kinsey and the below pictures can describe it better than I can.

We were so happy when we got home. Kinsey even turned me loose for a bit. Then I went and indi-distinguished myself. Whilst she was putting away gear in the mudroom I stole the tamale she had thawing on the cutting board. She doesn't seem to be keeping up with my increased range of reach. I'm gonna be in the doghouse for awhile over this one.

©Kinsey Barnard

Wild Lilacs

Getting my first nose full of wildflower

The Tobacco Valley & Lake Koocanusa

Mount Baldy in British Columbia

Note I have a tooth that never came in.

Kinsey & I taking a little break.

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