09 June 2014

Exploring the Blackfeet Nation

Wowie. Zowie. It rained cats and dogs last night. Started about midnight and kept up until around 6:00am. On Clementine’s roof it sounded like popcorn popping all night. I mean it was seriously hard to sleep.

A little peace and quiet would be nice. I need my beauty rest.

Despite the weather we ventured over to the entrance to Glacier Park. The news was not good. The road was closed right at the visitor center. Usually, by this time of year you can get a little furtherThwarted at the park we took a walk around some of the roads before the main entrance. Even there they didn't want the likes of me on the trail. But, old Kinsey she can find something that intrigues her no matter what the limitations and barriers. The woman has an imagination. I think this must be why she is so happy all the time. She sees beauty in everything around her. Here's what she saw just walking along a path. She calls it "PONG". What the heck is a pong?

Marvelous Molly Montana on the shores of St. Mary Lake
We ran out of roads to walk so we headed up to Many Glacier. Many Glacier is only eight miles north of St. Mary so it’s a short hop. Not surprisingly, it was cloudy up there too. It wasn’t just cloudy. The clouds were so low they chopped off the mountain peaks halfway to the the bottom. It’s a pretty drive into Many Glacier but I’m a dog what do I care about pretty drives? Many Glacier is a good spot to view wildlife but all we saw were a few big horn ewes resting on a hillside.They camouflage themselves pretty good in the rocks don't they? I growled at them which did not win me any prizes with Kinsey.

Big Horn Ewes at Many Glacier

By noon we were back at Clementine, fixing lunch and hoping the weather would lift for an afternoon outing.

Things did get better so we went out again around 3:30 pm. This time to see if we could find some horses on the Blackfeet Reservation. She loves horses and likes to photograph them when she can, especially the painted horses. We went to a place where she has had good luck in the past but we weren’t as lucky this time. I wanted to get out and chase them around. You can guess what luck I had with that.

Mare and Foal cavorting on the Blackfeet Reservation
Around six the weather started closing in again so we called it a day.
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