03 June 2014

Just got back from my first ever roadtrip

Just wanted to tell you to stay tuned. Kinsey and I just returned from seven days at St. Mary's on the Blackfeet Reservation. This was my first ever road trip. I am way stoked. I wannna go out again ASAP! Got lots of stories and Kinsey took lots of super photos to back my stories up. I hope you didn't miss Kinsey's latest cool story TOOLEY BLUE SKUNK Should have my first St. Mary post up in a day or so. You won't want to miss it. Ciao for now Molly Montana.


judyb said...

Can't wait to see the photos and hear the tales from the open road!

Kinsey Barnard said...


I had a real ball on this trip. The first installment should be coming out any time now. I'm a travelin' dog!