18 June 2014

Beautiful Blackfeet Horses

Today we drove south on 89 back toward Browning. Kinsey wanted to walk the road into the Cut Back Campground. It's about a four mile walk. Kinsey likes to walk it because once at the campground you are in Glacier NP and I can't go on the trails. She also likes to walk because she feels she can see so much more. Since I don't know how to drive yet, it's distracting trying to stay on the road and out of trouble. Trust me there have been times we have been headed for a ditch because Kinsey's attention was elsewhere.

Cut Bank Road with Cut Bank Creek on the left

Up until you get to the entrance to Cut Bank Campground you are on Blackfeet Reservation land. As you can see it's a very scenic walk or drive whichever you prefer. Lots of snow in those mountains.

Other than the beautiful scenery about all we saw were horses. Truth be told, it's the horses Kinsey comes to see in the spring. She's a real pigeon for mares with foals. On most open ranges you will encounter cattle but here on the Blackfeet Reservation it's horses. They just amble along the side of the roads grazing.

Blackfeet Horse

Blackfeet Mare & Foal

Blackfeet Mare and Foal

Portrait of a Blackfeet Paint

This poor boy was lame.
It turned out to be a good thing we walked the Cut Bank Road. The campground was closed. So, far every campground we have been to has been closed.

Kinsey finally gave up getting my rabies certificate from the vet (See Day 3). Somebody’s fax didn’t seem to be working and the vet couldn’t scan it and put it in an e-mail. Hard to believe a business doesn’t have a scanner but this is Montana, some places are cutting edge some are not. Kinsey is far from high tech but she left her fax at Goodwill a couple of years ago. Bottomline: I don’t get to go to Canada. Boo Hoo!

From the looks of this KOA campground people have gotten the memo about the park. Friday night and you could have shot a canon off without hitting an RV.

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©Kinsey Barnard


Kinsey Barnard said...

Molly! Thanks for sharing.

judyb said...

Love this trip you're taking us all on! and that mare and foal - how beautiful!

Kinsey Barnard said...

Thanks Judy.